Monday, 7 May 2012

Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring - It Really is a Great Choice

Vinyl wood plank flooring is today's hottest thing going in the floorcovering industry. You've probably seen it multiple times and didn't even realize it's not real hardwood! Companies such as Earthwerks, Karndean and Nafco all have vinyl wood plank options that simulate the look of various hardwood species. If you're looking to have a beautiful floor with the appearance of hardwood, but with the ease of maintenance of vinyl, this could be the choice you've been looking for! What are the benefits of vinyl wood planks compared to real hardwood?

Vinyl wood plank flooring is simple to clean. Damp mopping with manufacturer approved cleaners does the trick for standard cleaning.

Surface strength
Vinyl plank flooring that looks like hardwood has a very tough top layer. Most styles offered by the 4 major manufacturers have not only residential warranties, but are rated for commercial use as well. Luxury vinyl does excellent against scratches and dents due to the very thick upper layer manufactured from high quality, virgin PVC. If these vinyl planks are good enough to handle traffic for the nation's largest retailer, they should hold amazingly in your kitchen, living room or any other area in your home.

Ok, I know this one may puzzle you, but some consumers feel that hardwood (and ceramic) looks great but is cold and uncomfortable on bare feet. Vinyl plank floors will offer a softer, warmer feeling for walking on.

Installation time
Hardwood floors, especially unfinished, can take several days to install. Typically, luxury vinyl wood planks can be installed in much less time. Less time to install means less hassle for you the consumer.

Wide selection
The options for a specific wood look are similar between hardwood and vinyl planks. The difference is the cost point. An exotic hardwood species for a floor can be much more expensive that what is offered in vinyl.

The 3 major manufacturers of vinyl wood plank flooring are Karndean, Earthwerks and Nafco. Each of these has products to meet virtually any budget. When shopping for vinyl planks don't miss out on the deals at on all 3 of these brands of Vinyl Wood Plank flooring.

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